Pankobirlik is the General Directorate, representative and senior organization of Beet Cooperatives; performing supply, distribution, supervision and coordination of all kinds of inputs and services for its partners.

Pankobirlik, is established in 1972 by 19 Beet Cooperatives and Turkish Sugar Factories Inc.

Today it is a gigantic establishment, which has approximately 1.600.000 beet grower partners, sowing beet in 64 cities and 7.500 settlement units, and serving with 300 outlets of 31 beet cooperatives and 5 cooperative sugar factories which are Amasya, Kayseri, Bogazliyan, Konya, Cumra.

Pankobirlik, besides its services rendered in parallel to agricultural production and efficiency of the Turkish farmer, is also contributing to the development of social structure within rural area.

It is aimed to enable sugar industry and beet farmers, who are partners of our cooperation, to have a structure so as to maintain required and sufficient integration and to cover their needs according to the changing and developing economic and social conditions of the country..